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During Japan’s feudal era, Samurai warriors who
achieved complete mastery of swordsmanship were
awarded the honorary title of KENSEI, or “sword saint.”
Such was their command over the craft that only one
Kensei could exist at a time, having reached the peak of

The Kensei were living incarnations of Bushido, or the
“way of the warriors” within the Samurai traditions. In
addition to their martial prowess, they were meticulous
craftsmen with an intimate understanding of their trade.s harvested manually.

Kensei warriors dedicated their lives to achieving a
singular level of perfection that only few could dream of.

This philosophy is central to how we came to create
this masterful whisky.

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Blended Whisky made it through an artisanal process that
traces its origins from Hokkaido Prefecture and Nagano
Prefecture and then is blended and aging for 3 years in American oak barrels at KIYOKAWA, which means “Pure River” located between Tokyo in the east and the breathtaking surroundings of mount Tanzawa in the west.

distinctive expressions of Japanese whiskeys,

We value a progressive spirit paired with a deep respect for tradition. Our

matchless commitment to retaining small scale production results in distinctive expressions of Japanese whiskeys, with all its wonderful character and flavour.

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Our distillery sits on the edge of a small village, fed by snow melt and fertile land in the northern portion of the Nagano Prefecture.

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