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About Us


The Kensei-Yu whisky was created with the intention to
honour the Samurai “way” and its values of wisdom,
serenity, and mastery of the arts


The physical lifestyle of the Samurai was tempered by their dedication to
achieving spiritual balance and a careful examination of
their practice.

About Us

Market History

By funneling the best talent and carefully controlling the whisky production process, the Kensei Yu whisky has achieved an authentic and elegant distinction.

Its refined flavour reflects a methodology informed by
years of traditional philosophy and an appreciation for the continued betterment of our craft.

What We Do


The flavours of this whisky honours its small distillery’s tradition of simple craftsmanship. The hand-picked grain matures in first-fill bourbon barrels and is brought to life with clear mountain water. It ages with the seasons of the countryside,
keeping time with the changes of the land.

The nearby mountains provide a source of fresh and clear
spring water that is an essential part of
our product.


we believe in telling stories about culture through iconic characters, and in paying homage to heritage. With our global portfolio, we work closely with our brands to strengthen the artisanal identities of their products, incorporating local history and folklore into our bespoke bottle designs and messaging.

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The hand-picked grain matures in first fill bourbon barrels and is brought to life with
clear mountain water.